Why SimplyScience

Do well now and in future

Research findings suggest that core subject knowledge, non routine problem solving, system thinking with broadly applicable capacities and habits of mind are essential to excel in a knowledge economy.

SimplyScience Offers Engaging content ...

Simple: The Way You Like It

Multimedia rich content presented in a simple, appealing manner with images, examples, analogies and intuitive navigation.

Motivating: Relate to the real world

Content connected with interesting facts and thought provoking questions to help students know fundamentals better and remember them for life.

Interactive: Learning could be fun.

Why diamonds sparkle? How fibre optics work? What is TIR (Total Internal Reflection)? How the choice of material affects critical angle for TIR? Explore with applets and animations.

Learner Centric: Learn how to learn

How well do you know what you know? Whiz Test, helps You to develop confidence through continuous self–assessment at your own pace, anytime anywhere.

Key Benefits

Strong Basics

Construct your knowledge around big ideas or concepts with theme based learning, real world examples, applets and animations. Knowledge becomes part of you if you practice finding solutions to problems that require critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and application.

Prepare for success

Get the power of SimplyScience’s test and evaluation on your side with Whiz Test.

  • Practice tests for Self assessment
  • Work sheets for AP syllabus
  • Model Tests for Engineering
  • Model Tests for Medicine
Learn to apply knowledge

SimplyScience helps you to organize thought processes around big ideas or concepts, identify meaningful patterns and observe relation between different concepts that reflect deep understanding and insight.

Problem solving skills

Develop critical thinking and learn to apply knowledge in finding out of box solutions to non- routine problems in new situations. Practice problem solving with free response questions and solutions.



To help students across the world develop a scientific worldview and live in harmony with "Nature".

WIKIKIDS Pvt Ltd. promotes "learning for life" by providing access to engaging and enriching educational content to students, parents and teachers. WIKIKIDS Pvt Ltd. enable the students enjoy the process of learning and acquire the knowledge at the fundamental level. We ensure this with emphasis on learning basic concepts and application of concepts in day–to–day life.

We create an innovative, inquiry based, interactive learning environment to acquire knowledge, analytical skills and problem solving skills through – multimedia and e–Learning technologies.


Dr. Vidyasagar Abburi

Dr. Vidyasagar Abburi, Managing Director, Avantel Ltd., is a post graduate in Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur with experience in design and development of Avionics equipment. He received a doctorate degree in Management Sciences from JNTU, Hyderabad. His research interest includes "Strategies for dissemination of knowledge in digital age".

In 1993, he started Avantel Ltd to build a technology base for design and devlopment of wireless products. Avantel now has a world-class infrastructure for design, manufacture and development of Wireless Products for Defence, Telecom and Satcom applications.

Board of Directors

Ramesh Kosaraju

Ramesh Kosaraju graduated in electronics and communication branch of engineering from JNTU, Kakinada in the year 1980. He has a master's degree from IIT-Kharagpur (1982). He started his career as a lecturer and then became a Reader at Bapatla Engineering College. He was associated with Avantel Ltd., for over two decades in various capacities especially in implementing quality management systems (QMS) in the organization and as Management Representative (MR) was instrumental in achieving ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100C certifications. Currently at WIKIKIDS Pvt Ltd., he is involved in content editing, development and enhancement.

Dr. P.S. Rajeswara Prasad

P. S. Rajeswara Prasad aged 63 years is a Post Graduate in Business Administration and a Gold Medalist in Ph. D. He served in Public Sector for more than three decades and was Executive Director of Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corporation, a statutory financial institution established under an Act of Parliament. He attended Training programs at Kellog, USA, IIMA, IIMC, JNIDB etc... He was also a Trainer and was visiting Faculty at RBI's College of Agriculture Banking, Pune, IIMA,NIRD,NIMSME.

Sarada Abburi

Ms. Sarada Abburi, Director is a post graduate in business administration and holds a post graduate diploma in journalism. She is also a whole-time Director in Avantel Ltd., Hyderabad.

Sidhartha Sagar Abburi

Sidhartha Sagar Abburi holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer science from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India and a master’s degree in Computing Studies from Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

He is an accomplished software engineer specialized in object-oriented approaches to web applications and mobile computing. He is currently working as a Senior Technical Support Engineer, Axway.

He would like to be an entrepreneur enabling professionals from various fields collaborate in creating wealth through products and services that improve the quality of life.

Sailaja Abburi

Sailaja holds a Masters degree in Arizona State University where she majored in Human Centered Design and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from JNTU, Hyderabad. With her unique background in both technology and design she brings to the table a clear understanding of how to get things done. Her experience working with start-ups, agencies & clients has showcased her ability to wear multiple hats that help convert ideas to products. Currently at Simply Science, she leads design, marketing and strategy.